We humanize interactions with software technology so that people can accomplish their goals with ease. By crafting experiences to meet the user’s specific needs, we help build software products worth recommending. The success of our approach hinges on just three things; 1) the right information and 2) accurate interpretation, and 3) effective application.

Because all technology exists so that people can accomplish their goals more easily, they judge their tools accordingly. Knowledge of the customer’s wants has long been treated as a mystery. Not only is there more data available on customer behavior today than ever before, but also more invitations and avenues to listen to what they have to say. Even more conveniently, we’ve noticed people are willing to help you help them. If your success is their success, they want you to succeed.

By tapping into the wealth of information, methods, professional experience, and tools available, User First Design collects, consolidates, and translates data into actionable insights. We then validate those actions by testing prototypes on people who would likely benefit from such a tool. Ultimately, usefulness is in the eye of the user.

Our team’s unique and effective approach comes from backgrounds in Neuroscience, Communication Studies, Technical Support, Client Management, Fortune 500 success, Musical Performance, and beyond. We aim to humanize products in such a way that they tell a story of sincere appreciation for the user. It works because it connects, and because, when presented with options having nearly identical functionalities, people convert on the most positive experience every single time.

Crafting experiences worth sharing

Meet The Strategists

Will Taylor

UX Strategist

With a portfolio of Enterprise clients ranging from a multi-million dollar digital publishing agency to a Fortune 500 financial technology company, Will brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to any SaaS project. He is as critical as he is creative, and enjoys working closely with developers and stakeholders alike. A UGA alum, Will’s former roles include professional musician, 24/7 Technical Support Specialist, and Enterprise Account Manager.

  • B2B Expert
  • Technical Minded
  • Long-term Strategizer
  • Innovative Thinker
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trailblazer

Mercedes Smith

UX Strategist

With a degree in Neuroscience and background in healthcare, Mercedes understands the importance of precision. Her long hours in research labs combined with her education of the brain and heart for people don’t go unnoticed in her processes. She adopts every project as if it were her own, and thrives on designing for specific business objectives.

  • B2C Expert
  • User Research Pro
  • Process Minded
  • Resourceful Problem Solver
  • Goal Oriented
  • Path Finder