We humanize interactions with technology that foster experiences worth sharing

We believe history shows that by prioritizing the needs of the individual customer it is actually easier to achieve company goals. In the last century, however, the authentic and personal connections such a business model relies on became temporarily shadowed by the benefits of industry. Presently, as excitement for industry is replaced with expectation, in a world of seemingly endless options, consumers are returning to a sole reliance on social proofing for their buying decisions.

In the age of information, industrialism’s interruption of the conversation between company and consumers is over. As it turns out, consumers have a lot to say. Their preferences lean strongly towards experiences with a nearly guaranteed ease. A mere 1% of millennials claim to be swayed by marketing (Elite Daily). The remaining 99% are basing their buying decisions almost entirely on interactions with fellow customers’ antidotes of personal experience.

We’re quick to say, “that just doesn’t scale.” Well, for the first time in history… it does.

In this beautiful new era, we have the data to answer in more detail than ever questions like, “what does the customer want?” Believe it or not, that’s the easy activity and should be a means to an end. The follow up question is, “how will we humanize this experience for the customer in an effort to ‘out value’ our competition?”

In reply, User First Design collects, consolidates, and interprets behavioral data to reveal what people want. From there, we expertly craft interactions between technology and people that result in a pleasant experience worth sharing.

Our ethically sound approach to SEO is to deeply embed it into the website’s infrastructure, as opposed to being sprinkled on top after the fact. This combined with off-site strategies has resulted in local clients of ours outranking national chains in relevant Google search results. More importantly, we do much more than show you positive looking reports, we make your phone ring more.

Our team’s unique and effective approach comes heavily influenced by backgrounds in Neuroscience, Communication Studies, Technical Support, Client Management, Sr. UX design at a Fortune 500, Musical Performance, and beyond. We aim to humanize products in such a way that they tell a story of sincere appreciation for the user. It works because it connects, and because, when presented with options having nearly identical functionalities, people convert on the most positive experience every single time.

Meet The Designers

Mercedes Smith

UX Designer

Will Taylor

UX Designer