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Why I went from neuroscience to UX design

“UX Design?! Why would you do THAT with a neuroscience degree?!” I’ll tell you why…

Good Design: More Than A Pretty Face

When most of us hear the word “design” we typically associate it with aesthetically pleasing imagery, creativity, and subjectivity/taste. While design can certainly make use of those things, it is also responsible for much more. Airports, for example, are functionally designed to communicate crucial information quickly and constantly, and keep you aware of your location […]

Data-driven Design

Data-driven Design

Designing without data is like trying to drive a car blindfolded; you have to make big decisions just based on feeling. Even the most successful race-car drivers in the world wouldn’t dream of it. That’s because without information, we aren’t able to predict the outcome of our choices. Data-driven design is like taking the blindfold […]

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